Bacon Mozzarella Sandwich

I absolutely love sandwiches! They are so easy to make yet have the ability to be so tasty! For years I have been making my own sandwiches, everything from the simple PB & J to my own version of a shrimp po-boy. A few months ago I was given Tom Colicchio’s “wichcraft,” an incredible cookbook that features sandwiches that are served in his New York City ‘wichcraft restaurants. I’ve eaten at ‘wichcraft a few times in NYC and am always so impressed with the diverse ingredients he uses in his sandwiches. I highly suggest picking up a copy of Colicchio’s book if you’re at all interested in spicing up your sandwiches!

After drooling over many of the sandwiches in the ‘wichcraft cookbook, I decided to make my own sandwich with some new ingredients. Here are the ingredients I used, but feel free to add in other ingredients for a different taste!

2 slices of bread (anything will do, but I prefer ciabatta from Trader Joe’s)
2 tablespoons of basil pesto
1 slice of tomato
3 slices of cooked bacon
2 slices of mozzarella cheese
Avocado chunks

Directions (really simple)
1. Cook bacon in skillet until it reaches desired crispness, set aside
2. Spread the basil pesto on both slices of bread
3. Add the avocado chunks on top of the pesto
4. Place a slice of mozzarella cheese on each slice of bread
5. Add the tomato and bacon to the sandwich
6. Cook in panini press until cheese melts  (can also be cooked in a skillet)
7. Give it a minute or two to cool off, then enjoy!


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